The ICT College of Applied Studies (Operating license, no. 620-00-579/2007-04, dated June 15, 2007, issued by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia) was established in 1974 as Higher Education Technical PTT School, within School PTT Centre.
Since January 16, 2003, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has been the founder of the School (as an independent institution).
School PTT Centre was established on September 6, 1961. The Decision on the foundation of the Centre, comprising
• Higher education PTT school
• High PTT school
• School for highly skilled workers
• School for practical training in telecommunications
was issued by the Association of PTT Traffic Enterprises in Belgrade.
School PTT centre worked as a unique institution comprising Higher Education Technical PTT School, High Technical PTT School and High PTT School Dormitory.
Many years have passed, many generations have graduated from the School, and we are still here. Our laboratories are new, the study programmes are new, yet our wishes have been the same - to educate and train our students for professional work. Numerous awards and certificates of our students speak in favour of our success.
On January 16, 2003, three independent institutions were established, pursuant to the decisions issued by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.
• Higher Education Technical PTT School
• High Technical PTT School
• High PTT School Dormitory
The School continued its education work as an independent institution offering two study programmes:
• Telecommunications
• PTT Traffic
Along with the advancement of the existing curricula, a new study programme was introduced in 2003:
• Internet Technologies
The School introduced another study programme in 2005:
• Medical Informatics
In 2003, pursuant to the Decision of the Governement of the Republic of Serbia („Official Gazzete of RS“, No. 76/2003), the School changed its name into: Higher Education School for Information and Communication Technologies.
Since establishing, a large number of students have graduated from the School obtaining a considerable degree of knowledge in the field of information and communication technologies. Many students have been awarded for their Diploma theses.
A special attention should be paid to the outstanding success our students have accomplished in various sports. The School has always supported love for sports and provided facilities and equipment for training courses.
Since school year 2007/2008, upon successful accreditation of undergraduate study programmes, the School (now as ICT College of Applied Studies) has been enrolling students for the following study programmes:
• Internet Technologies
• Telecommunications
• Postal and Banking Technologies
• Medical Informatics