The laboratory for Computer Networks has full equipment for cabling LANs and measuring features of cabled networks.

The lab has 8 Link Runner instruments used for basic copper cable testing: cable length measurement, wiremap check, marking cables after cabling, the possibility of communicating over the network, existence of DHCP server and measurement of activity in a LAN.

The most important measuring instrument is DTX LT 120 Cable Analyzer which is used for automatic measuring of all parameters defined by the standards for every single cable in a cabled network and for defining cable categories, providing the option of getting the measurement results for every single measured parameter.
Routers and switches are placed in cabinets with a patch panel which terminates the horizontal cabling within the lab. This enables students to work in real conditions:
• connecting LANs
• adjusting parameters of terminal network devices
• configuring switches
• interconnecting LANs
• configuring a router.