The laboratory is equipped with hardware/instrumentation for fiber-optic testing and personal computers Pentium IV with installed Windows XP Professional operating system.

In the lab there are 17 workplaces for students and one workplace for the instructor.

These conditions enable students to work independently, while the instructor can simply monitor their individual advancement in design and realization of passive elements of fiber-optic networks, as well as in testing methods of fiber-optic parameters. Unlimited Internet access allows students to use Internet services and all available Websites that can help them in their work during the lab exercises.

In the first phase of lab instruction students are acquainted with program tools used in designing passive part of transmission systems. In the second phase, terminated fibers, connectors and all forms of fiber-optic slices are checked and tested in the lab. Testing is realized by high-tech instruments which are among the best ones according to the world standards. This sophisticated equipment offers a highly precise insight into the conditions of an optical link or path, as well as into all parameters of signal perturbation on an optical route.

The lab contains a device for signal analysis by the method of optical reflectometry OTDR type NETTEST CMA 5000 with accompanying modules, which are used for testing of all significant fiber-optic parameters. The lab also contains an optical signal attenuator which can define various signal levels in a fiber for students to test. Besides these two devices, there is also a NETTEST microscope which is the most important device for visual testing of proper work and cleanliness of optical connectors.