The laboratory for Multimedia is placed in an air-conditioned room, where lab exercises are carried out on PCs. There are 18 workplaces in total. One student uses one computer during exercises.
PCs are connected in a server-based LAN and each group of students has its own user account to subscribe on the network before they start working on it.

Depending on the course, students use different programs installed on computers to do hands-on lab exercises. Besides software packages, each workplace is equipped with a Practicum for a particular course, a WEB cam and multimedia earphones. Networking facility of the whole lab enables students to individually use network scanner and printer.

A part of lab exercises is presented by overhead projectors and a multimedia board which is particularly designed for interactive presentation of the course syllabus. This is particularly used within Compression and Multimedia Telecommunications courses. High quality and fast internet connection enables students to create WEB pages and to upload them on distant websites. Communication with a WEB server is especially important for WEB Design and Databases – SQL Server courses.

The features of computers and a LAN used in this lab enable students to easily and professionally perform all types of editing and design of multimedia contents. As a result, upon completion of lab exercises, students are ready to implement acquired knowledge into practice, showing considerable degree of knowledge and skills to respond on contemporary market demands.