Practical Training course for the third year students of the study programme of Telecommunications is carried out in the College practical skills room. Complete equipment and tools used in realization of practical training classes are in accordance with current equipment employed within the National Telecommunication Network. Various connections, arrangements and measurements of cables can be realized in this practical skills room.
During Practical Training classes students are acquainted with the way of connecting all sorts of cables and corresponding protection of connecting units.
Students are trained to arrange cables on various types of disconnection modules. In this way, they are acquainted with analogue and digital disconnection modules, as well as with the methods of connecting the equipment in an exchange with a disconnection module, on one hand side, and a user terminal device, on the other hand side.
Students are also presented with the advantages and shortcomings of modern optical disconnection modules compared to copper cable disconnection modules.
Upon completion of mounting, students carry out corresponding measurement in order to determine the state of connection among users, network, disconnection modules and exchange.

Various types of sophisticated measuring instruments are used for testing cables before and after their mounting.

The tools for mounting different types of connectors for copper and optical cables are used during lab exercises.

The practical skills room is equipped with tools for processing and preparation of optical and copper cables.