The aim of Practical Training course is to train students to work on termination of optical and copper connectors and cables, to train them to prepare modules, switches, patch-panels, and to perform all different types of cable connections.

First, the instructors present the syllabus in practice and afterwards each student gets a particular practical assignment which he completes individually, constantly monitored by the instructor.

In the first phase of lab practical training, students are acquainted with the tools which are used for termination i.e. preparation of all sorts of optical and copper cables, as well as for preparation of all types of optical connectors and copper cable modules. Working with tools is carried out under the constant supervision of the instructor.
Having been trained to prepare cables and connectors, students are trained to connect optical fibers in three ways: through connectors, mechanical splices and, finally, using a device for optical fiber termination by fusion or welding – a splicer, which is also an integral part of lab facilities.
The lab contains FUJICURA FCM50s fusion splicer, which is the market leader in our country and the region.