The teaching syllabi are realized on outdoor and indoor sport courts. Outdoor sport court is placed in the schoolyard. The court is enclosed and duly marked. The court dimensions are suitable for the realization of teaching classes, training sessions and matches of the following sport disciplines:
Within the court there are 2 marked basketball courts with 2x2 backboards with baskets. There are 2 goals with adequate nets for football and handball.
On outdoor courts in vacation resorts around Belgrade, we organize walking tours on jogging and mountain paths.

Covered sport court

In the schoolyard there is a modern equipped sports air dome available to both students and teachers of the College for all types of sport activities.

The College is allowed to use this sports dome in six one-hour sessions per week for carrying out football and handball classes, training sessions and matches.

Sports hall

In the school building there is a multi-purposeful sports hall. It contains flexi basketball backboards and volleyball net, and a sufficient number of high quality leather balls for basketball and volleyball. In order to meet the requirements of aerobics and other exercises on the floor there are 6 large and 10 small gymnastic mats, as well as 24 smaller exercise mats, 30 jump ropes and 20 smaller weights for workout exercises. There are 3 tables for table tennis with rackets, nets and a sufficient number of balls. In the sport compartment, there are a large number of different types of balls, equipment for tennis and badminton.

Sport teams of the College actively participate in the tournaments organized by Belgrade University and the Colleges of Serbia. Students have achieved remarkable results over the years. The College glass notice boards are furnished with numerous cups and medals.

Closed swimming pool – Swimming instruction, recreational swimming, water polo and non-swimmers training are organized in the closed swimming pools of Tašmajdan Sports Center.