Cisco Networking Academy is an education program in the field of network technologies. The aim of this program is to teach students how to design, build and troubleshoot small and medium-sized enterprise branch networks. Networking Academy offers a wide range of knowledge in IT world related to network technologies, which provides students with an increased access to career and economic opportunities in this area. Experienced Cisco instructors, besides necessary knowledge, offer their students the confidence which is highly valued in IT world. The curriculum provides both theory and practical training on contemporary network devices.
Cisco Networking Academy is primarily directed towards:
• Students who wish to broaden their knowledge and acquire more experience in the field of computer networks than it is offered within existing education system.
• Persons who wish to qualify for another workplace; upon completion of Cisco Networking Academy, they should be able to design, build and troubleshoot computer networks in schools, faculties and big and small-sized businesses in virtually every type of industry.
• Companies which need the fastest and easiest way of education provided by experts in network technologies.