1. Which requirements should students meet for attending CCNA course?
Students under the age of 14 years old are not eligible for attending the CCNA course. Students should speak English (teaching materials and exams are in English) and should be able to work on PC.
2. How much time per week do students need to spend on learning for CCNA course?
In addition to the time spent on in-class lectures, students should spend up to 8 hours per week on learning the theory. Instruction contains theory which is taught by the instructor and practical training which is carried out by students with the assistance of instructors. Since the theory is rather comprehensive, students should do self-study work along with the lectures.
3. Can students obtain teaching material for CCNA course?
All official teaching materials for Networking Academy programs are in electronic form. The access to teaching materials is permitted only to students enrolled on CCNA course and only during the course. Any unauthorized distribution of material is a copyright abuse and is strictly forbidden!
4. Do students need to purchase any additional resources for attending CCNA course?
All official teaching material is based on multimedia and is available on the Internet for all students attending CCNA course. Students do not need to purchase any additional teaching material.
5. How long does CCNA course last?
CCNA course lasts 6 weeks, i.e. 70 hours at minimum. However, Local Cisco Academy is allowed to increase the number of hours per course and it can, depending on the background knowledge of the students, extend the length of the course.
6. Does the ICT College of Vocational Studies issue a certificate for the completion of CCNA training course?
Every student, at the conclusion of the Academy program, gets the certificate for the completion of CCNA training course. With this certificate, students can take Certification exams.
7. Where can students take Certification exams?
Certification exams can be taken in authorized testing centers, e.g. The School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.
8. How long is CCNA certification valid?
Following the successful completion of certification exam, CCNA certification is valid for three years.
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