MSDNAA program
Free licensed software for students.
The ICT College of Vocational Studies has been the subscriber to Microsoft MSDNAA program (Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance) for years, which has enabled all faculty staff and students with active status to use licensed software of this company completely free of charge.
The subscription includes Microsoft operating systems (workstation and server), as well as development tools (Visual Studio), and software can be exclusively used in support of instructional and research purposes.
The software can be ordered at:
First you need to ask the technical staff of the ICT College to open the account for you so as to be able to use this service. To open the account you need a valid e-mail address. Then you will receive a confirmation of successful registration with the details (username and password) and the access link to this service.
Important information:
1. In compliance with the terms of the agreement the user is not authorized to distribute and use the program for commercial purposes or to give it to any third party for use.
2. Software can be downloaded directly from the address of Microsoft MSDNAA program.
3. Serial numbers and instructions for software installation can be found on your MSDNAA account.