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ORACLE Academy Courses
The ICT College of Vocational Studies has become a member of ORACLE Academy: Introduction to Computer Science on the initiative of our students. Now, students of the ICT College of Vocational Studies can take and obtain "Oracle Database Design and Programming with SQL" certification. Students who attend this course, as part of regular instruction, will get a certificate of successfully mastered program. This course prepares students for advanced studies in software development and relational database administration. All courses are provided by ORACLE Academy and will be offered in the School during next school year.
ORACLE is the leading company which provides database and IT systems services, as well as Java programming solutions. Besides cooperation with large enterprises which includes maintaining databases, ORACLE provides education institution around the world with resources and expertise aimed at teaching young professionals in the field of ICT.
The ICT College of Vocational Studies made an agreement with ORACLE on entering the ORACLE Academy program. In school year 2009-2020, "Oracle Database Design and Programming with SQL" course was introduced at the ICT College. The new course "Database Programming with PL/SQL" will soon be introduced in the curriculum.
The courses are designed for technical schools and faculties which teach IT, providing them with more advanced courses, which offer ORACLE certifications recognized worldwide. The curriculum offers exposure to all aspects of data models, design of complex IT solutions and the development of analytic skills required for advanced study.
Students gain knowledge and skills that are foundational for various degrees, including:
• Computer Science
• Engineering
• Management Information Systems
• Business Administration
Upon the conclusion of "Database Design and Programming with SQL" course offered within the related courses at the ICT College, students can take "Oracle Certified Associate Exam 1" certification exam.
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