Danka Pevac, Ph.D


Danka Pevac

title:    professor of vocational studies
е-mail:   danka.pevac@ict.edu.rs


Defended her Ph.D. thesis entitled ‘Proposal of Quality Improvement Method for Digital Signal Transmission in Optical WDM Networks’ at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Priština, in 2010, mentored by Professor Risto Bojović, Ph.D.

Defended her M.Sc. dissertation entitled ‘Dynamic Routing and Connection in Telecommunications Networks by Call Diffusion Method’ at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, in 1996, mentored by Professor Grozdan Petrović, Ph.D.

Graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, in 1977, mentored by Professor Dušan Drajić, Ph.D.

 Work Experience

1989 - today  -  Technical PTT College, i.e. ICT College of Vocational Studies

1978 - 1989 – Military Technical Institute in Belgrade; she was promoted from a research fellow to a senior researcher.

Professional Improvements and Affiliations

Completed the Course in Operating Systems RSX-11M of Mini Computers PDP – 11/34, Digital Co., London, Great Britain, 1979.

Member of the IEEE Association; she reviews research articles for the IEEE Association.

Member of the Telecommunications Society; she reviews the papers for the scientific and professional conference TELFOR.