Slavica Štrbac, spec.


Slavica Strbac

title:    lecturer


Defended her Specialist thesis entitled ‘Mobile Technologies in the Development of Higher Education’ at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Major in Electronic Business, in 2010, mentored by Professor GordanaMilosavljević, Ph.D.

Graduated from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic, University of Belgrade, in 1997.

Work Experience 

2002 – today - Technical PTT College, i.e. ICT College of Vocational Studies;

1997 - 1999 – Radio Television of Serbia, Logistics – administration.

Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, she assisted in lab classes within the course in Exploitation of TT Traffic.

Professional Improvements and Affiliations

Completed the training course ‘Е-leаrningFuture of Education’, organized by the International Center for Education and Informatics ‘LinkGroup’, Belgrade, 2007.