Director’s foreword



Александар СугарисThe ICT College of Applied Studies is a state school, established on the foundations of decennial education work of the College of Postal Services and Telecommunications. Today, the ICT College, which has been accredited for three undergraduate Applied study programmes and two specialist Applied study programmes, covers various fields and disciplines.


The curriculum has been continuously modified over the last few years while our priority has been to make the studies as efficient and updated as possible. The contents of teaching syllabi are defined in accordance with the School’s commitment to offer high-quality education and effective practical training for Applied work, which is the essence of Applied studies.

In order to improve the quality of instruction and to use the up-to-date laboratory equipment, teaching staff is continually educated in the appropriate fields. Our lecturers and associates got and are still getting their academic degrees at the esteemed higher education institutions in Serbia and abroad. With their expertise and commitment, our teachers encourage students to push back their own frontiers of knowledge and learning.

Through constant self-evaluation process and consistent application of European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) we meet the requirements of the Bologna Declaration in order to provide our students with competences for competitive participation at the world knowledge market. The representatives of our students are actively involved in the activities of the School’s expert bodies on all issues concerning high-quality and functional studying.

The strategy of the School’s future development is directed towards the recognition of the advantages our students and the School can offer at the knowledge market and at the education market, respectively.

If you are interested in Postal and Banking Technologies, Telecommunications, Web Programming, Computer Network Administration and Medical Informatics, if you see yourself in the field of Traffic Engineering, Network Technologies, Electronic Business and Software Engineering, then the ICT College is the right place for you. We are here to help you become educated, efficient in performing jobs and professionals who can meet all requirements imposed by contemporary market.


     Professor Аleksandar Sugaris, PhD

Aлександар Сугарис