TEMPUS – our students and teachers in the summer school in Hungary

Within the activities related to TEMPUS project our students and teachers participated in the summer school held in Hungary, July 13-25, 2013.
Upon completion of one-month study programmes which our students realized in Hungary, Belgium, Austria and Finland in April and May 2013, we continue to participate actively in TEMPUS project. As one of the partners in TEMPUS project “Visuality & Mathematics: Experiential Education of Mathematics through Visual Arts, Sciences and Playful Activities” (http://vismath.ektf.hu/), ICT College of Vocational Studies took the opportunity to send its students and teachers to take part in the summer school in Hungary, which was held at the Eszterházy Karoly College in Eger.Our students, who attended the summer school, shared favourable impressions of their stay in Hungary with their colleagues and teachers. Besides praises for the organization of interesting lectures and workshops, where they got a lot of up-to-date and useful information, students particularly enjoyed the opportunity to meet colleagues from other countries and broaden their own experience.During the summer school, our students did sightseeing tours around Eger which is widely known for its good wine and entertainment. This is why they describe this summer school as “the fastest 16 days in life” or “the most beautiful summer work” and they are willing to actively take part in further phases of TEMPUS project.