Electronic Communications

Electronic Communications

The aim of the study program of Electronic Communications is to acquire competence, knowledge and skills in the field of network technologies, electronic business and software engineering, aiming at direct implementation of graduates into the work process.

Upon completion of the specialist vocational studies students obtain the professional title of second degree of vocational studies in the appropriate field – Specialist vocational engineer of electrical and computer engineering.

The study program contains three modules: Network Technologies, Electronic Business and Software Engineering. Therefore, the purpose of this study program is to train students in the field of computer and telecommunications networks, electronic business and software engineering. The need for design, exploitation and maintenance of networks, advanced technologies of Internet, Intranet and Web and electronic business, exists in companies of different sizes and profiles and is growing together with the development of modern technologies. In our country, electronic communications have shown expansion over past few years, however there is still a requirement for skilled personnel. At the market, there is a need for skilled personnel able to organize and design networks as well as to maintain them. These experts should also be able to develop and use particular multipurpose applications. To this end, the objective of specialist study program of Electronic Communications is to train students for these expansive fields short of experts.

Practical skills in computer technologies include:

  • design and maintenance of telecommunications networks and systems,
  • introduction of next generation networks as the main body of physical transmission level,
  • use of application in electronic business of post offices, banks and other businesses that offer services,
  • use of Web applications in everyday business,
  • capability of defining the requirements that Web applications should meet,
  • capability of developing and maintaining computer applications.

Completing specialist program of Electronic Communications, students acquire following general skills:

  • analysis, synthesis and prediction of solutions and consequences,
  • practical application of knowledge,
  • development of communication ability and resourcefulness as well as cooperation with specific social and international environment,
  • professional ethics.

Students also acquire specific course related skills:

    • in-depth knowledge and understanding of network technologies,
    • realization of electronic services,
    • development and maintenance of business Web applications,
    • relation of basic knowledge of modern business transactions on one hand side to the development and maintenance of business computer applications on the other, as well as their application in everyday  work,
    • introduction and implementation of innovations in computer technologies,
    • development of skills and abilities in using knowledge in computer technologies,
    • use of information and communication technologies in gaining knowledge of modern business.