Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering

The aims of the study program comprise training students for both individual and team work; understanding and development of critical approach to traffic and transport systems; presentation of planning techniques for communication systems; analysis of transportation networks; providing theoretical basis for understanding of modern services used for transport systems management; application of quality and quantity prediction methods; design and implementation of distribution systems; design of transport routes according to different criteria.

The study program of Traffic Engineering is inicially targeted at students who completed the study program of Postal and Banking Technologies at undegraduate vocational studies and who want to continue their studies and acquire new knowledge in the field of traffic and transport engineering and logistics.

Upon completion of specialist vocational studies within this study program, students gain theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for performing jobs in the field of transport and logistics systems, together with good knowledge of modern computer communications systems. Furthermore, students are trained to work in postal sector as well as in the field of traffic in companies of different sizes, from the smallest to the biggest ones; they can successfully participate in the analysis, design and realization of transportation networks and logistics systems of different types. 

According to the study program curriculum, the instruction is realized through lectures, classroom and lab drill sessions.

The instruction is realized throughout one school year which contains three trimesters. The total sum of ECTS is 60. All courses are logically sequenced.

Courses are divided into compulsory and elective ones, which enables students to focus on a particular field of study depending on their affinities, skills and interests; the study program curriculum contains six compulsory (36 ECTS) and seven elective courses, specialist practical training and specialist thesis (additional 6 ECTS).

At the ICT College of Vocational Studies we have a large number of computers as well as accompanying computer equipment. 

The experts in this field of study can look for a job in PE PTT Communications ‘Serbia’; private operators providing postal and logistics services; transport systems offering various types of transport; forwarding agents;  goods terminals for various types of transport; goods and transport stations – logistics centers; container terminals; free trade and customs duty zones; industrial companies; trade companies; large supermarkets and distribution centers…

Upon completion of the specialist vocational studies students obtain the professional title of second degree of vocational studies in the appropriate field – Specialist vocational engineer of traffic engineering.