grbICT College of Applied Studies, founded by the Republic of Serbia.

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Here you can find information about our School, the study programmes and the skills and knowledge our students gain upon completion of the studies


The ICT College is awaiting the introduction of Applied Master studies

The ICT College of Applied Studies, in accordance with the current law amandmants and modifications regarding the introduction of vocational master studies, has made the decision at the Academic Council to start the procedure of accreditation of Applied Master studies for the study programme of Network and Software engineering.
Awaiting more precise legal provisions of line Ministry and the National Council for Higher Education, the ICT College has prepared the realization of the approved study programme of master studies. In this way, the ICT College wants to enable its students (former, current and future) to continue their education and gain adequate titles.
The ICT College will provide all interested candidates with the updated information about all activities in accordance with the law.


Enrolment in the specialist study programmes

The enrolment of students in the specialist study programmes in school year 2014/15 finished in the first enrolment period. All seats are filled in both study programmes of specialist studies – Electronic Communications and Traffic Engineering.
We believe that our students would recognize our efforts to provide them with high quality education which emphasizes applied knowledge and skills aimed at training them to become responsible and dedicated experts in their professional communities.
ICT College expresses gratitude to all candidates who showed interest in our study programmes.


Enrolment in the undergraduate study programmes

The enrolment of students in the first year of studies in school year 2014/15 finished on July 15, 2014. All seats are filled in all three study programmes: Internet Technologies, Telecommunications and Postal and Banking Technologies. Our College is accredited for the enrolment of 290 students in the undergraduate study programmes. Out of this total number, 110 students are budget-financed, while 180 students are self-financed.

The teaching staff of the ICT College of Applied Studies welcomed all the freshmen at the formal reception ceremony held on September 26, 2014