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Mission and Vision 

School Mission

The School’s Mission it to function as an open, flexible and modern-oriented institution of higher education which fulfils the educational, vocational and developmental needs of the economic environment and social community in the fields of: internet technology, postal and banking technology and telecommunications.

School Vision

The School, based on its development plans as a future higher professional institution, is expected to be integrated into a unique system of European education. It shall educate experts who shall be able to conduct jobs related to the higher professional practical experience in the fields for which it educates students.

With their knowledge and commitment, students and professors shall be able to be involved in professional and scientific projects, and thus acquire new knowledge needed to cooperate with economic organizations and to advance the development of its own environment. The educational process towards contemporary global trends, as well as cooperation with economic organisations, are a guarantee of profit which shall be invested into equipment and personnel training, in order to secure continuity in the development and constant progress of the School.