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Third Congress of Vocational Studies' Students in Zlatibor 

In the period from 3rd until 6th December 2023, the third Congress of Vocational Students of Serbia was held. Three hundred students from all academies and colleges of vocational studies in Serbia took part in the Congress, of which 85 were from our Academy and 19 from the SICT Department.

The Congress was also attended by professors from our Department, Valentina Malešević, M.Sc., and Nenad Kojić, Ph.D., whose presence made this event even more grand and prominent for all students from our Department, both at the lectures and outside of them.

As confirmation of the quality of work of SCAPS, the Congress was attended and addressed by the Assistant Minister of Education, Aleksandar Jović, Ph.D, Director of the Office for Dual Education and the National Framework of Qualifications of the Republic of Serbia, Professor Gabrijela Grujić, President of the Conference of Academies and Colleges of Serbia, Professor Branko Savić, as well as the President of the Student Conference of the Universities of Serbia, Margareta Smiljanić.

Students had the opportunity to hear of, but also to get acquainted with the changes that SCAPS introduced in its first convocation to student organization, such as:

  • The law on student organization
  • Dositej scholarships
  • Tuitions paid from the state budget at master's vocational studies

The lecturers who took part in this Congress and presented to the students their career paths and path to success are:

  • Luka Antić - Military Shop, Topic: Life in Business;
  • Dejan Milopević - Ring Sport, Topic: My Business Story;
  • Ivan Bildi - Masterbox, Topic: The Importance of Digital Marketing;
  • Marko Vučetić - Startuj, Topic: Career Path;
  • Professor Slavimir Stošović, Topic: Natural Versus Artificial Intelligence;
  • Professor Miloš Ristić, Topic: Project Planning;
  • Professor Marina Kostić, Topic: Students' Mental Hygiene;
  • Professor Željko Vlaisavljević, Topic: Overview of Aspects and Factors that Affect the Health of Young People;
  • Professor Branko Savić, Topic: Employment of Vocational Students in Institutions of Higher Education
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